Program & Calendar


2019 Concert Series

1.00 for 1.10 - 150pm

First concert 2019
Tuesday 5th March

Josh Hooke - piano

Second Concert 2019

Tuesday 2nd April

Harry Ward - violin

J S Bach Partita no.1 for Solo Violin

Allemande - Double: Corrente - Double

Harry Ward - violin

Aidan Boase - piano

C. Saint- Saenes Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso

Partridge String Quartet

Willaim Huxtable - violin

Mana Ohashi - violin

Eunise Cheng - viola

Daniel Smith - violoncello

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart String Quartet in F major, K590 “Prussian no.3

Allegro moderato: Andante: Menuetto.Allegretto: Allegro

Musicians from Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM)

Third Concert 2019

7th May 2019

Tim Chiang - piano

Fourth Concert 2019
Tuesday 4th June 2019

Andy Baird - flute

Liam Wooding - piano

Fifth Concert 2019

Berta Brozgul - piano

Sixth Concert 2019
Tuesday 2nd July

Harold Fabrikant - piano

 Seventh Concert 2019
Tuesday 6th August


Eighth Concert 2019

Tuesday 3rd September

Berta Brozgul - piano

Ninth Concert 2019

Tuesday 1st October

Nicholas Young - piano

Gemma Kneale - cello

Tenth Concert 2019

Second Tuesday,12th November

Douglas Lawrence - organ

Eleventh Concert 2019

Tuesday 3rd December

Musicians from Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM)

Twelfth Concert 2019

Thursday 12th December

Christmas Choirs